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"Dream Cars" High Art Museum of Atlanta

"Dream Cars" High Art Museum o…

News August 27, 2014

By Anthony Smith  Urban Uncut Magazine had the opportunity to take part in such a wonderful experience...

2014 PLUS+ Annual Summit

2014 PLUS+ Annual Summit

News August 21, 2014

By Anthony Smith  Urban Uncut Magazine attended the Annual Plus Summit 2014 event on August 16th at...

Robin Williams: The Stigma of Suicide and Banishing the “Demons “

Robin Williams: The Stigma of Suicide an…

News August 21, 2014

Robin William’s death came as a surprise—and that’s an indictment of our blindness to depression and...

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Saving Black America

27-08-2014 Hits:12 Hip Hop News Tyana Baker - avatar Tyana Baker

Saving Black America

By Anthony Smith  Black people have dealt with being un-wanted in society for over a decade. From fighting to ride in the front of the bus, to being treated as if...

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Rick Ross’ Dramatic Weight Loss!

21-08-2014 Hits:34 Hip Hop News Tyana Baker - avatar Tyana Baker

Rick Ross’ Dramatic Weight Loss!

Rick Ross may be known for doing a lot of things, but his weight loss transformation is by far the most shocking! He shocked all of his fans, as well...

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“Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” Reunion Braw…

21-08-2014 Hits:44 Hip Hop News Tyana Baker - avatar Tyana Baker

“Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” Reunion Brawl

Reunions are usually a time when people come together in peace and reminisce on old memories and patch up old wounds. Apparently, holding hands and singing kumbaya was not on...

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Justin Bieber -- Probation Violation Investigation Launched After Arrest

Justin Bieber -- Probation Vio…

EXCLUSIVEJustin Bieber is in the crosshairs of the L.A. County Probation Dept ... because his...

September 2, 2014 %COMMENTS_SHORT

Rihanna -- Hot Bikini Photos ... No Leak Here!

Rihanna -- Hot Bikini Photos …

Rihanna struck a few fantastic poses -- standing, sitting and kneeling -- on a standup...

September 2, 2014 %COMMENTS_SHORT

Colts Owner Jim Irsay -- PLEADS GUILTY ... In DUI Case

Colts Owner Jim Irsay -- PLEAD…

breaking newsIndianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay just plead guilty to one misdemeanor count of operating...

September 2, 2014 %COMMENTS_SHORT

Justin Bieber -- Arrested for ATV Accident and Assault

Justin Bieber -- Arrested for …

breaking newsJustin Bieber got arrested in Canada after a crash between an ATV and a...

September 2, 2014 %COMMENTS_SHORT

Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora --…

Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora ended up on the same flight out of Los Angeles...

September 2, 2014 %COMMENTS_SHORT

Blake Griffin -- Beach Reconciliation ... With Smokin' Hot Baby Mama

Blake Griffin -- Beach Reconci…

Seems Blake Griffin is back ON with Brynn Cameron -- because the two spent Labor...

September 2, 2014 %COMMENTS_SHORT

Manny Pacquiao -- Rips 'Uneducated' Floyd Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao -- Rips 'Uneduc…

Manny Pacquiao is following 50 Cent and Nelly's lead -- bashing Floyd Mayweather for his...

September 2, 2014 %COMMENTS_SHORT

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